Mission Statement and History

The mission of Making Daughters Safe Again (MDSA) is to support and advocate for survivors of mother-daughter sexual abuse (mdsa), to educate professionals and the general public, and to inspire action, knowledge, healing and hope. We operate with an entirely volunteer staff of mental health professionals and interns with a passion for helping others.

Since 1999, MDSA has been offering innovative online and in-person support services for survivors of mother-daughter sexual abuse, guest lectures, and comprehensive resources for anyone seeking information. We have been featured by and included in a national (United States) press release as a model organization that utilizes the Internet. Our articles have been referenced in major publications, translated into several languages, and requested by health-care and legal professionals. Dr. Hatchard, our founder and Executive Director has educated professionals on this topic both nationally and internationally, and Making Daughters Safe Again has been featured in 2 documentaries.

Although based in the United States, MDSA has a truly global reach. Visitors to our web site come from over 30 different countries. Our members currently represent 7 different countries, with their stories of isolation and their struggle to receive proper treatment and intervention being universal themes. Our major annual event is a weekend retreat that has been attended by survivors from over 37 different states and other countries.

Our hope is that one day, the world will be more aware of mother-daughter sexual abuse so that little girls can be saved, and survivors can receive the information, support and validation that they so richly deserve.