Annual Survivor Retreat

Every year, during the last weekend of April, survivors of mother-daughter sexual abuse from all over the United States meet at a bed and breakfast inn near the oceanfront in Monmouth County, NJ for a few days of support, healing and fellowship. We also invite our international members to join us and have welcomed survivors from Canada and Ireland in recent years.

Small group sessions are run by a volunteer staff of mental health professionals and interns. Past topics have included: navigating romantic relationships and friendships, mothering after abuse, sexuality, anxiety, depression, mind-body connection, role of siblings and fathers, addictions, dreams, coping skills, fostering emotional intelligence, disclosing abuse to others... retreatants may attend as many or as few sessions as they wish. We also host special opening and closing sessions and a ceremony to commemorate the unique group that has assembled that year. Retreatants also share many meals, laughs, private conversations and walks to the beach.

The retreat was life-changing for me. It was amazing. I can still feel the strength of the women that I met and I feel like I never clicked so easily with people that I just met. I felt so comfortable with them and I have these friendships that are unbelievable and I feel like I’ve known these people for years. The retreat was such a safe, loving, healing environment. I feel like I just grew so much that weekend. It was really amazing! - Retreat attendant

Current, active members of our online program receive priority retreat registration. Usually the retreat is sold out before it is publicly announced.

Please note that photos are not routinely taken during the retreat. We only take a few each year and participation is completely optional.