Dr. Christine Hatchard

Name: Dr. Christine Hatchard

Location: Eatontown, New Jersey

Distance Willing to Travel: Any

About Christine: Christine is the Executive Director of MDSA and an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Monmouth University in West Long Branch, NJ where she teaches courses in Clinical Psychology and holds several important positions in the Psychology Department, including Director of Undergraduate Research, Field Placement Developer and Coordinator and Director of the Clinical Psychology Research Center. She is also a licensed Psychologist (NJ#4871) and maintains a private practice where she provides individual psychotherapy and forensic evaluations for sexual abuse civil litigation. She directed and produced the documentary, Who Will Love Me? Four Stories of Mother-daughter Sexual Abuse and is an expert on the topic of mother-daughter and female perpetrated sexual abuse, having worked with hundreds of survivors since 1999. Her work has been referenced in both popular press and academic journals and will be featured in an upcoming Canadian documentary. In 2011, she won the Martin Luther King, Jr. Unsung Hero Award for her work on behalf of survivors.

Possible talk Titles:

(any of the following can be paired with a viewing of Who Will Love Me?)

Criminal Minds: Profiling Female Perpetrators of Sexual Abuse 

Who Will Protect Me?: Preventing Mother-daughter Sexual Abuse 

A Different Kind of Pain: Therapeutic Considerations in the Context of Mother-daughter Sexual Abuse

Mother-daughter Sexual Abuse: An Overview of the Problem

Fee: negotiable; your group/organization may qualify to have all fees waived

Possible audience size: Any (experience with groups from 10-150+)

Target Audience: abuse survivors, undergraduate and graduate classes in psychology, social work, criminal justice, law enforcement, Professional trainings for mental health professionals, child advocates

Availability: Submit request for availability

Selected Testimonials for Invited Lectures:

Dr. Hatchard was invited to give a presentation to staff and students, within the School for Psychotherapy and Counselling Psychology at Regent's College, London in March 2012. Her talk was both inspirational and emotional. Through her extensive work in this field and use of her powerful documentary she was able to talk passionately and confidently about the issues faced by mother abused women, offering unique advice to therapists and counsellors. Dr. Hatchard is an extremely effective lecturer and I highly recommend her as a speaker in this little understood area.

-  Dr. Lisa Doodsen, Programme Director, Department of Psychology, Regents College, London

I was deeply impressed by Dr. Hatchard’s knowledge about female to female sexual abuse and her ability to teach such a challenging topic in an engaging manner that encouraged discussion. Her passion for this work and commitment to helping those who have suffered this overlooked but devastating form of trauma is inspiring. My students gave her talk and documentary high praise.  They found her style of teaching to be intelligent, compelling, and clear, as did I.  They advised me to have her come speak again  due to how poignant and important this topic is, and how approachable they found her.

- Dr. Bethany Brand, Professor of Psychology, Towson University, Maryland

Thanks again so much for an extraordinary morning at our facility!  We are so grateful to Dr. Hatchard for making the trip down to us, and for not only the phenomenal presentation, but also for the tireless work that she is doing toward the awareness of MDSA and its mission.  Her film and talk bring life and a voice to this under-acknowledged issue and I know that everyone in attendance was deeply moved.

- Christie Caggiani, RD, LD/N, Nutrition Therapist / Owner, Therapeutic Oasis of the Palm Beaches, Delray Beach, Florida

I would like to thank Dr. Hatchard for speaking at the Therapeutic Oasis in Florida. I found her presentation to be eye opening, and her deep passion for this work was clearly reflected in both her movie and subsequent discussion. Kudos to her for bringing such a taboo topic to light. As a treating professional, I was deeply impacted by the presentation and gained knowledgable information that I will bring into my own clinical practice. I admire Dr. Hatchard's drive and desire to continue to educate society about mother-daughter sexual abuse. My hope is that her ongoing work will allow other victims to come forward, join a recovery community, and begin to healing from the devastating effects of mother-daughter sexual abuse.

- Dr. Nicole Friedman, Licensed Psychologist and co-founder of Therapuetic Oasis of the Palm Beaches, Delray Beach, Florida

Selected Testimonials for Documentary:

Girls who are sexually abused by their mothers suffer what may be the deepest emotional wounding there is. By letting us hear women talk about their own experiences, "Making Daughters Safe Again" provides essential education for supporters of survivors, both personal and professional, and will help every daughter who has been abused by her mother know that she is not alone, not to blame, and that healing is possible. This deeply moving film is an extremely valuable contribution to the field of healing from child sexual abuse.

 -Ellen Bass, co-author of The Courage to Heal  

The women that courageously shared their experiences of maternal incest in the documentary represent countless others whose voices will never be heard because they have been silenced by fear, shame, descent into severe mental illness, addiction, and in some cases, death.  While what they experienced was horrifying, these women also represent the amazing strength and resilience of those  who have somehow managed to not only survive this devastating form of abuse but tenaciously and with great effort, heal their wounds and become beacons of hope for others.  This documentary leaves no doubt that maternal incest is uniquely distinct from other forms of sexual abuse in how it manifests, and in how it impacts the lives of those who have experienced it.  To characterize this violation as rape of one’s soul or spirit is not an overstatement; many of us who have also been sexually abused by men will agree that even though these violations were terrible, they do not rise to the level of destructiveness that is characterized by mother-daughter sexual abuse.  The world needs to hear these stories.

 - Linda Crockett, author of The Deepest Wound:  How a Journey to El Salvador Led to Healing from Mother-Daughter Incest, Director of Education and Consultation, Samaritan Counseling Center

I have previewed the documentary and find it very compelling and an important contribution to the field. Who Will Love Me? goes a long way to breaking the silence which has historically surrounded the phenomenon of mother-daughter sexual abuse.  If you are a mother-daughter incest survivor, or a service provider, this documentary offers valuable information about the differing relationship dynamics and sequelae that are unique to mother-daughter incestuous abuse.  As a society, we would rather not think about the issue of mothers sexually abusing their daughters.  But as this documentary clearly highlights, mother-daughter sexual abuse is a reality in the lives of some women.  The more we learn about the characteristics of the perpetrator and the long-term effects of mother-daughter incest, the more we will be able to design therapeutic interventions and help survivors in their recovery process. Thank you for your essential contribution; in very profound ways, your 4 co-researchers broke their silence, promoted their own healing and that of other mother-daughter incest survivors.

- Beverly Ogilvie, author of Mother-Daughter Incest:  A Guide for Helping Professionals

Who Will Love Me? is a powerful, respectful film that eloquently validates the physical, emotional and psychological trauma of mother-daughter incest. With strength and insight, four adult survivors share their abuse histories and explain how their lives were impacted by maternal betrayal. Their reflections give testimony to the resilient strength of the human spirit and to the healing that comes from speaking Truth, being believed, letting go of the shame and helping other victims become survivors. Thank you, Marilyn, Andrea, Kristen and Cathy. I enthusiastically endorse this video for survivors and their partners and for mental health and child protection professionals everywhere. 

 -Julie Brand, M.S., author of A Mother’s Touch: Surviving Mother-daughter Sexual Abuse

 Maternal sexual abuse is the last secret to be exposed in a world where societal stereotypes create a barrier to the recognition and reporting of this group of child sexual offenders.  The women who speak out in Who Will Love Me? give validation, hope and respect to children who experience sexual abuse by their mothers.  The candid descriptions of these daughters sexually abused by their mothers are a powerful reminder that the societal stereotype that only men sexually abuse children is a myth that fails to protect children and perpetuates the long-lasting harm caused by this group of female sexual offenders. I highly recommend this DVD to all who work in the field of child sexual abuse and are committed to the protection of children and adolescents.  We are all reminded that the greatest danger to children is often  in the very homes where they have the right to be safe.

-Karen A Duncan, M.A. author of Female Sexual Predators:  Understanding Them to Protect Our Children and Youths and founder of The Right To Safe (  

Few of us will ever know the depth of betrayal experienced by the daughters of female sexual abusers. Making Daughters Safe Again brings us closer to understanding this hidden tragedy through the touching stories of four very brave women. As they boldly reveal their personal stories to us, we begin to see the far-reaching impact of mother-child sexual abuse. Their courage in telling very personal details of a widely misunderstood and overlooked form of abuse will leave you both humbled and inspired. This film is a "must see" for victims and professionals for its message of hope and healing.

- John Davidson, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Making Daughters Safe Again has sought to sensitize us to this hidden tragedy by breaking through the iron curtain of silence and appearance of normalcy so often propagated and sustained by not only the abuser but by society at large. The anguish of these victims is multiplied by the solitude exacted by a lack of understanding and acceptance of an abuse that fractures not only their mind and bodies, but their very souls. Their struggles are poignantly reflected in the telling of their personal stories. As they draw you into the confines of their existence, you are forever changed. Through their disclosure, they expose themselves once again to the pain of reliving the abuse and the pain of judgment and rejection of their experiences by the audience. Despite this, they reach out to us and to other victims who suffer in silence to bathe this dark secret in a beam of bright light and to heal us all of an ignorance that does as much damage as the abusers themselves. I applaud these women and MDSA for boldly confronting the last frontier of sexual abuse denial - mothers who sexually abuse their children.

- Female Sex Offenders web site: