Online Survivors Program overview


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MDSA is Unique

The modest $5/month membership fee provides many features and benefits not commonly found in online programs, including:

- access to a private and completely AD-FREE, fully featured, chat room and message forum

- priority registration for in-person MDSA events, such as the annual retreat and the triannual workshops

- thematic message boards to supplement healing, including forums for inner child work, the safe expression of emotions, personal history telling, creative expression, family life (parenting and intimate relationships with life partners),and physical health (addressing the mental obstacles and past issues that get in the way of diet, exercise, seeking medical care, etc.)

- safety emphasized through the application process, the well-formulated rules and guidelines, and the moderated forums, based on the Director's 12+ years of experience with MDSA and clinical knowledge as a licensed psychologist

- online anonymity when conversing with other members, balanced with the benefits of accountability and responsiblity as all members are screened, and have dedicated themselves to their membership by paying a modest fee (which also verifies identity and makes it less likely that a member who has been removed for violating the rules and guidelines will be able to return)

- the opportunity to share in a supportive, private, active, community of women who are all survivors of mother-daughter sexual abuse, as opposed to only sexual abuse or childhood abuse in general

- the opportunity to be part of and support an organization that has a global reach, and is at the forefront of educating, inspiring and supporting survivors, professionals and the general public

Before joining MDSA I was completely isolated from other survivors of mother daughter incest. I was convinced I'd never meet another person like me. After the initial shock of meeting other mdsa survivors wore off, I began to feel the validation and support that I'd looked for my entire life. I have a support system now, a new family of my choosing. MDSA changed my life, and I'm so grateful this organization exists. - Gaela, MDSA Member

Privacy and Confidentiality Addressed on Multiple Levels

1) a secure application process

2) advanced security applied to the storing of your membership information, and your correspondence with staff, including Secured (128-bit) email and files folders used by all members of the MDSA staff (please be aware that email sent directly from your email account may not be as secure as our email service - therefore be aware that transmitting email is usually not a 100% secure process unless BOTH parties have a secure connection)

3) All email messages that are sent to more than 1 member are blind carbon copied (BCC:) to protect members' privacy. MDSA does not believe in nor promote third party advertising on its web site or related spyware/tracking software, and does not engage in the practice of selling and distributing the email addresses and personal information of its applicants and members. [When you apply, please provide your primary email address. Your membership will be removed, and you will have to reapply if MDSA cannot send you an email message.]

4) Ethical behavior is taken very seriously in regard to programs, services, and confidentiality. The MDSA Director is a licensed psychologist (#4871) in New Jersey and follows the laws and ethics of the profession of psychology.

MDSA also offers weekly 90-minute "real-time" online support group sessions

In addition to the benefits outlined above, MDSA offers its members the opportunity to sign up for weekly 90 minute online support group sessions moderated by Dr. Hatchard

A modest fee is charged for this additional and optional benefit.

The MDSA online support group is not meant to be a substitute for face to face individual or group therapy.

You should join the MDSA online program if...

- you are a survivor of mother-daughter sexual abuse

- you are ready to actively share with other survivors

- you understand that the program is not a substitution for professional help or advice, or even a face to face support group; in many cases our online program has helped members decrease their isolation by encouraging them to seek appropriate support services and/or improve existing interpersonal relationships

- you believe that you can follow the program's rules and guidelines

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