Online Support Program Overview

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Rules and Guidelines  

1. Any threats, abuse, harassment, or bigotry is strictly prohibited.

2. Maintaining more than one member account at MDSA is strictly prohibited, as is reapplying under a different name if membership is canceled for any reason.

3. Members are to use their discretion when posting information of a sexual nature. Additional guidelines for posting about sexual issues is offered at the members' main message forum (Member Central).

4. Messages that are triggering should contain such a warning in the subject head, i.e. *triggering* or *warning*. Spoilers are not required, i.e. s*xual.

5. Members are asked to not share information (posts, chat room conversation, artwork, written work, etc.) without the expressed consent of its original author or creator. Information shared between members at the self-help/support groups should NOT be mentioned at the Members' Central forum or any of the thematic or special topic forums.

6. Members who share their computers with other people must log in and out of their yuku (message forum service) account every time that they enter and leave. Members are not to, under any circumstances, share their user name or password with others.

7. Members are required to be as honest as possible if they choose to share information, and to not present themselves falsely (i.e. if you don't wish to share your real name, age, location, occupation, family info., etc., please say so instead of providing false information).

8. Group leaders of the self-help/support groups may set forth additional requirements for participation. Members are to carefully read these requirements and agree with them before signing up for an optional group.

9. Upon approval of an application, members will receive a welcome email from the MDSA Director. New members are required to read the membership guide and additional guidelines as they apply to each individual message forum.

10. If a member is feeling suicidal, or feels that she may self-injure, she is asked to immediately call her therapist or another contact in his/her area, such as a crisis hotline or local emergency room. This is an online site and we are not equipped to help if a member is in danger of harming herself.

* Members are strongly encouraged to have a friend, a family member, a nearby crisis center, a hotline number, or most preferably, a therapist, they can call if they need help. This is for reasons of safety, and because it is commonly believed that a self-help group works best as a supplement to professional support.

The very existence of MDSA as an organization makes society confront the reality that this type of abuse does occur. In addition, it provides a safe place for me to share my experiences with other survivors, and to obtain the support and validation which reinforces that I am not alone. MDSA provides a forum where I can take what I thought was my greatest shame -- and turn it into an asset. For no one can reach an mdsa survivor like another mdsa survivor can. - MDSA Member

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