Tami Mase

Name: Tami Mase

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Distance Willing to travel: Any

About Tami: Tami has been a CEO and a director for a variety of companies. She has a passion for inspiring and educating others through creating awareness of mother-daughter sexual abuse. She has carried out this passion by writing motivational poetry which has been produced into a poetical-musical album. She has also been invited to write a column for Journey Magazine and was invited to speak at their national conference. She is a survivor of mother-daughter sexual abuse who has overcome many hardships to achieve personal and professional success. 

Possible talk Titles:

Adult Dialogues: MaD Taboo: Mother and Daughter Sexual Abuse

Healing the Pain of the Unspoken Taboo

Restoring a Life of Happiness after Sexual Abuse

Fee: $75.00 (USD)

Possible audience size: 100-500

Target Audience: Anyone affected by sexual abuse

Availability: Submit request for availability; flexible